Friday, April 7, 2023


Our original plans for spring break fell through so we adjusted our itinerary and got off the plane in Panama! 10 days of city/nature/resort adventure. I've read so much about the amazing coffee here. My first cup... 
 not impressed. Well, it was airplane coffee so I won't count it against them. We'll give you a coffee update. Apparently geisha coffee here has sold for as much as $6000 per pound. We'll give a lesser quality a try and let you know what we think. After 6 hours on a plane you need to get your body moving so we rented bikes and rode along the Amador Causeway which was built as a breakwater to protect the entrance to the canal. It links up three small islands. We had some mango  and a grilled sausage 
Before we returned our bikes around sunset  the birds were getting active. We plan to do some serious birding while we're here and we got a brief little intro!
Tomorrow we're going to Pipeline Road where more species of birds have been spotted in a 24 hour period than anywhere else in the world.
After the sun went down we went to the Mercado de Mariscos and had amazing ceviche and pina jugos.After our meal we decided to walk back to our hotel along the Cinta Costera under the bright moon over the Pacific. The city skyline is beautiful. Even the trash pandas came out to enjoy it. Time for bed. I'll try to post another update tomorrow.