Wednesday, April 13, 2022

En Route

I'm imagining we're half way there...first leg complete anyway! We've arrived in Toronto, but I don't think that's the CN Tower. The hunt for poutine has begun. The little international part of the airport we are in doesn't have much to offer, but we'll count this as our first adventure! After wandering back and forth with 2 backpacks strapped to my body we hit the Canadian mother lode!
 Poutine! And a "Toronto Style " burger with bacon...but suspiciously not Canadian bacon. What the heck? And Bud Light? No Molson Golden or Labatt's Blue? Or is it Bleu? Anyway our first bucket list item of the trip has been checked! Next stop, Lisbon!


  1. Bon voyage! It feels good to travel again. Happy Birthday 🥂❤️

  2. Be safe - have an amazing adventure