Saturday, April 16, 2022

Guerilla Tourism

It isn't easy going all out when you're fifty. Thank goodness I have a younger wife (for one more day). Tempus fugit my dad always said. Time waits for no off we go! Yesterday we went to Sintra, where the royal and rich get away from Lisbon. In the 18th through early 20th century most of European royalty passed through at some point running away from someone (usually their own people). We toured the amazing gardens of one of the most unique palaces I've ever seen, and I've seen a few too many. We saw wild cork trees in the forested areas. Crazy varieties of wild flowers and many plants that we consider house plants at home. We had an amazing guide, Manuel, from We Hate Tourism tours. He really listened to our desires and showed us a unique experience. We went to the western most point in continental Europe. Wow, was it windy and beautiful. He also gave us some great tips for back in Lisbon as well. We watched the sunset under the Golden Gate Bridge's little cousin in Europe. It think it was designed by the same firm. We had dinner at a small local place you'd never find on your own. We had Prego (steak) with fries and a fried egg. Very typical Portuguese. Oh, and a liter of the best Sangria I ever had (don't tell the Spanish). It was a lovely evening, and an end to another wonderful day spent with the love of my life.She floats my boat!

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