Friday, April 22, 2022

Experiencing Everything the Sahara has to Offer

After resting in the sun a few hours we headed back into our 4x4 Land Cruiser with our driver Jamal to head for an oasis for lunch which promised to be cooler than the 90s in the main camp. We drove over dunes further into the desert. We came across wild camels and stopped to take a closer look and then arrived at Erg Smar. When we returned to the main camp we got ready to climb the largest of the nearby dunes to watch the sunset. We also got a chance to try sand boarding.Jamkie was the best at it!
We watched the sun set over the quiet stillness of the desert. No sandstorm today! We headed back down the dunes and prepared for dinner. We were served chicken with preserved lemon tagine,our favorite so far! After dinner the Berber staff lit a campfire and drummed and played traditional instruments and sang songs. It was amazing. After we looked up at the dark black sky to again take in the stars it was a much better view than the night before because the moon hadn't risen yet. Pictures don't do it justice! We went to bed with happy hearts. Tomorrow we head back to Marrakech.

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