Sunday, April 27, 2014

Planes, trains and automobiles.

It is time to head home. We have really enjoyed another trip of a life time! Our journey home begins with a flight from Jaipur to Delhi where our Indian adventure began a little over a week ago.

Once we arrived at the airport in Delhi we had a 6 hour wait until our flight home began. Our first flight, Delhi to Frankfurt was delayed about 45 minutes so it didn't take off until approximately 3:20am Sunday morning. It didn't really matter because we have a 10 hour layover in Germany. Flying to Germany took us over some of the hot spots in the world. The pilot said we would not be able to make up time from the late departure because we had to take a slower route around Afghanistan. Our flight also passed over Iran, Crimea and the Ukraine. When we touched down in Germany we were greeted by our dearest friend Hans Georg!

It was now time for trains! We took the S-bahn into the city of Frankfurt. It was a typical spring day in Germany, rainy and cool, but really nothing could dampen our spirits. 

We walked through the city and enjoyed each others company. Frankfurt, the financial capital of the Euro-zone is generally deserted on Sundays so it was a quiet day. I remembered where to find my favorite Doner stand and enjoyed 2 lahmacun mit fleisch! Sehr lecker! We headed back to the train station to head back to the airport after stopping for ice cream and coffee. 

We boarded our flight home to Chicago and got in our mini-van to drive home to our waiting children. Enough thank yous cannot be expressed to Auntie and Tammie and Louie for caring for our children while we explored India. It will be a trip forever in our memories. India changes you!

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