Friday, April 18, 2014

We are in India... Where are all the people?

We got in on time, went through customs and were greeted by our guide as planned. We picked up our luggage and exchanged money and went out to our waiting car. Things were a little chaotic outside the airport but I've seen worse at O'Hare! So off we went through the city around 12:30am. Streets were quiet. Many of them were blockaded by what looks like impromptu road blocks set up by the police. We went around the blockades and drove through the diplomatic area of town and passed the government offices and residence of the President. We passed a wedding on the way and our guide said he'll look into whether we can crash a wedding while we're here. that would be awesome! We were assisted with check in at our  hotel The Lalit in Delhi which is beautiful. I'll post a few pictures of it here with this post. I hardly slept I'm so excited to be here. Today we tour Delhi, both New and Old. I'll try to post during the day some pictures from around the city. By the way for those at home let me tell you, tomorrow is awesome!

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